DHL SercivePoint

Send your parcels & documents to anywhere in the world with DHL Express Parcel Service

We are an official authorised DHL ServicePoint. It is the most reliable and secure Parcel Service that we can offer. So you can now send all your important documents and parcels to anywhere in the world from us via DHL Express. It's the quick, easy to use and secure way to send parcels to anywhere in the world!

How can I find your DHL Service Point locations?

DHL’s fast and reliable worldwide delivery service is available at both of our branches in Crawley. You can visit our Broadwalk Branch or Our Branch on Ifield Road. Both of our branches stock DHLs FREE Envelope & Boxes.

How much does it cost to send a parcel with DHL Service Point?

DHL’s delivery prices are determined by the free box size you choose and we only have 7 size categories, making it incredibly easy to check exactly how much it will cost to send your parcel.

What things can I send?

You can find a list of things you can and can’t send on the DHL Website. Please remember to check that before coming in.




Bring your things in-store and chose the right box or envelope thats right for you.


Get your parcel ready by packing your things into your chosen box.


Book, Pay and send it off by DHL's fast, Secure & Reliable Delivery service.

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