Best Rates in the UK

Pearl Global Exchange is a full-service foreign currency exchange company located in West Sussex, England. When the company was founded, our aspiration was to provide a higher grade of foreign exchange services. Our driving principles have been method the embodiment of integrity, attentiveness, and diligence. While the company has grown, our corporate culture continues to embrace the same approach, and the same tone of caring is reflected throughout the organization.

We provide services to corporations and individuals. Our offerings include currency risk management, hedging, bidding, wire transfers, bank drafts, and foreign cash/banknotes. In addition to assisting foreign corporations with international exposure, we provide foreign exchange services to individuals who are shopping, vacationing, buying real estate, investing, and immigrating or emigrating, across borders. Our services are also suitable for paying tuition fees or family remittances.

The quality of care taken in our work has led to a portfolio of successful clients. Consequently, we have been very successful. We know that taking the correct quality of care leads to results. With this outlook, we are your earnest partners in all matters of foreign currency exchange and international funds transfer.

Presently, Pearl Global Exchange is a group of professionals with complementary skills and strengths, acting in concert to produce a high-performance foreign exchange organization. Within our core team, we have over 10 years of collective experience.